Gowalla gets an awesome update

So I just posted my views on the Gowalla vs. Foursquare battle. Functionality-wise Foursquare had some neat tricks I missed in Gowalla but the latter had me hooked with it’s sleeker look and better Swedish user base. Today Gowalla updated it’s iPhone App and it feels like a big step in the right direction.

First of all, they offer integration with not only Foursquare but Facebook Places as well! Thank you! You can see check-ins from friends that use one of the other services. Plus that now I don’t have to check in using two apps all the time (well I guess I miss quite a bit of all the things I liked about Foursquare but hey I’m lazy as everyone else). When you check in, in addition to sharing this with Facebook and Twitter as before you can now also choose to share it on Foursquare and Tumblr.

Integration in Gowalla 3Share check-ins with Gowalla 3

Secondly, you can now bookmark places. Makes it a little bit easier to find those favorites you check in to regularly. Have a look at the layout of a place below.

A place in Gowalla 3Leave notes at a Place in Gowalla 3

On the right hand side you see another new feature – Notes. Similar to the Foursquare Tips but in the end not the same thing. Check in to a place, click on ‘leave note’ and then choose which friend to share it to. Hmm, what if I want to leave a general note or tip to all my friends or even others checking in later. On the Gowalla blog they say you can leave a note for yourself but havn’t figured that one out yet.

As I said, a lot of goodies for an already Gowalla-favoring guy. Still, notes can be improved to be public or private (now they only seem private).

What do you think?