Scrambled Eggs the Way I Like It

I was at my parents for a family Easter dinner. The lamb with chèvre mash, the home salted herring and smoked salmon was all very good but the pièce de résistance was the French scrambled eggs or more accurately Oeufs Brouilles a la Michel Guérard (Swedish translation: Michel Guérards lyxägg). When my mom was in St Petersburg she bought some Caviar (I think it was Sevruga) and been waiting for a fun way to serve it. This was it. It’s basically perfectly scrambled eggs with onions, chives, cottage cheese, served in the shell and topped with caviar.

You’ll need a sharp, serrated knife to cut the top of the eggs so you can use them to serve in. Wash them in warm water and let them dry. Beat the eggs, pour through a sieve into warm melted butter and continue to beat the eggs while increasing the heat so the eggs get thick and creamy without getting solid. Now add the finely chopped chives and onions (you can use shallots instead of onion), cottage cheese, salt and pepper. Serve it in the shelves, like ¾ full, and fill with the caviar that should be slightly domed.