All these questions

Facebook just launched Questions so that we can get answers from the people we trust – our friends. So far I’ve been giving Quora a go. Haven’t been the best contributor though, but whatever, I’ve been finding a few decent bits of information and answers. At least Quora seems to provide you with a more qualified crowd than the average content farm type Q&A site. Quora sort of became better at what Linkedin wanted to branch out to (haha). Linkedin, that just hit 100 million members and are aiming for an IPO, has said that they don’t just want to be a career network but also a knowledge network. So maybe they should just buy Quora.

But what happens now, with Facebook Questions joining the fun? One weakness for Facebook could be that people tend to have their private lives on Facebook and perhaps not too many business acquaintances and similar peeps that might have better answers to their professional questions (Mashable writes about the effects on brands though). But for the rest, where to have dinner, where to travel, my Facebook friends might have a better answer if they are more like me than my professional network in Linkedin, or Quora for that sake. So maybe there’s room for at least two Q&As. Maybe I should ask someone on those networks?