Apple goes trick or treating?

I was sitting with some friends trying to book a fun vacation for this summer when we started talking about the ‘lost’ iPhone 4G. Yesterday I said that I didn’t believe it was a cheap publicity stunt by Apple but some of my friends didn’t agree. One of my friends, which has worked with communication within FMCG for some time now, said that the phone must have been planted by Apple. I think of my friend as quite knowledgeable in the field of PR and marcoms and it got me thinking… what if it is a new take on their pre-launch PR.

Let’s review why this might be the case. It was allegedly ‘lost’ or planted before their announcement of the new OS 4.0 and in the midst of the iPad hype. Could this be enough to force Apple to rethink their usual tactic leading up to a launch. Could the recent success of various Android phones be a factor. Some even think that the new OS 4.0 is in many parts a catch-up to Android and this could affect the wow factor of the next iPhone. But did the planting work as planned? Was it meant to take so long (was it not three weeks) before it really hit the fan? Or was it meticulously orchestrated so that it would go public after their announcements?

In my last post I did not however see this having any noticeable negative effects on when Apple announces, or more accurately sets a release date, for the next generation iPhone, so why wouldn’t they have planted this. Looks like they’ve fueled a hype around their next product already and might as well get their usual response once they roll it out for real.

What do you think of this saga? Trick or treat?

Has Apple Lost It?

I guess you’ve by now heard the story about the lost and found new iPhone prototype. Long story short, the gadget guide Gizmodo got their hands on what seems to be a new secret iPhone model, all new and considerably different from current models.

Some might ask if it’s yet another brilliant publicity stunt from Apple, or if it’s just as the story suggests – a human error. If it was planned, it stinks and seems quite desperate. And I don’t think Apple is that desperate for attention. But has this little slip-up worked for or against Apple in a coming launch of the next generation iPhone.

The debacle has generated quite a bit of publicity and perhaps it will fuel the recent talk about the coming OS 4.0 Apple announced a couple of weeks ago. But will the magic be lost at the time of the launch of the new iPhone? Apple has enjoyed tons of publicity and hype around its previous product launches but will it be the same for iPhone 4G? My theory is that there’s enough MacHeads out there for it to be as big as we all want it to be – as long as the product itself do deliver at least what we expect it to if not more.

Image by Gizmodo.