I’m spoiled

Once you try something that is of a better quality than what you’re used to you widen your perspective of that certain thing. You realize what the experience acually could or should be like. When you after that strive for the better stuff the usual stuff you once was used to doesn’t quite cut it anymore. It could be a pair of shoes, a hotel room, wine or like tonight a steak.

I used to think the normal steak wasn’t that exciting really, more often than not a bit tough and in need of a sauce to lift the taste from ok to good. For a while now, every time the meat has been the centerpiece of the meal, I’ve been buying some really nice pieces and it’s been fantastic, totally worth every penny.

Tonight I decided to cook some nice beef but just ran down to my closest grocery store and bought what was left – a ‘normal’ steak. A quick turn in a hot pan and then slowly cooking it in the oven usually results in a great experience with a nice piece of steak. But not tonight, it was that old type of experience. It looked perfect but it just wasn’t good enough. I’m spoiled.

Swedish Beef

A week ago I was down at Söderhallarna at one of my newly found favorite meat shops in Stockholm – Sandströms. That day I was in the hunt for a good entrecôte, nothing overly fancy, just a nice Friday steak. But you don’t just go in and buy your meats, you have a little chat about what’s new and what’s good. Then I learned about Simgus – a mix between Simmental and Angus. When they’re bread at Ejmunds on Gotland they’re bread Kobe style. They get the right food and of course massage. Yet to be tested by me and then I’ll be back with a review.

But how was the Friday steak, have a look and guess…