World Class Supper

I just picked up a copy of Ferran Adrià’s cook book The Family Meal. For you who don’t know Mr. Adrià is by many considered as the best chef in the world. Much based on the fact that his restaurant, el Bulli, kept winning awards as the best restaurant in the world. Kept winning you say, yes others are now fighting for the number one spot but that is not because Ferran lost his mojo, he simply took a long sabbatical and are contemplating ways to become even better.
Anyhow, the book is great. It’s focus is on the every day meal. The family meal. It starts out with describing how the crew at elBulli eats together and then goes through some basics like what you should have in your fridge and how to make basic sauces and stocks.

The recipes are then very visual. Every meal consists of three courses and starts with a photo of all the ingredients you need and how long before you sit down you have to start preparing. Then comes the how-to with clear photos of each important step. It reminds me a bit about an old Korean cook book I have, not at all as ‘fancy’ but with the same level of pedagogics. Genius.

So, if you’re into cooking or just cook books, The Family Meal comes recommended by this foodie.

What do you think?