Swedish Beef

A week ago I was down at Söderhallarna at one of my newly found favorite meat shops in Stockholm – Sandströms. That day I was in the hunt for a good entrecôte, nothing overly fancy, just a nice Friday steak. But you don’t just go in and buy your meats, you have a little chat about what’s new and what’s good. Then I learned about Simgus – a mix between Simmental and Angus. When they’re bread at Ejmunds on Gotland they’re bread Kobe style. They get the right food and of course massage. Yet to be tested by me and then I’ll be back with a review.

But how was the Friday steak, have a look and guess…

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  1. fackin hell! Det är ju 1 kg kärlek rakt igenom! Hope you did it Blumenthal stile 😀 (Lite för få timmar på en fredagskväll för detta dock…)

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