Back to the Future

I have been to the Future and I have seen all it’s glory. It took me approximately 15 hours to get to the Future and I had time for a snack in Beijing. Spending a week in the Future really shifts your perspective on things. Like how much you miss the Future once you’re back home again.

This is not the first time that I’ve been to the Future but that doesn’t make it any less of an experience. The Future is of course also full of history. There’s a blend of new and old. Technology mixed with tradition. The Future is filled with bright lights,  lots of toys both for kids and adults, everything you can possibly imagine they have it.

Just have a look at the entertainment of the Future:

Brilliant! So you understand why I can’t wait until my next trip…

PS. Top five tips straight from the future: Shibuya for the nightlife and shopping; Harajuku for more shopping especially second hand; Asakusa for a little bit of tradition and some great food; taking the boat or monorail between Odaiba and Hamarikyu Gardens and experience two very different oases in the city; drag your ass early as hell to the Tsukiji fish market.

What do you think?